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Serving the city of Keller in Texas, northeast of Tarrant County in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the Keller Window Cleaning and Repair is one of the region’s most well-known and highly regarded providers of quality window cleaning and repair services in Texas.

Keller Window Cleaning and Repair offers the following services:

Keller window cleaning
Window Cleaning
Keller Company’s window cleaning professionals are able to provide efficient, affordable, and reliable services to all of our clients. This is made possible by our use of the latest equipment, techniques, and technologies. But we don’t always rely on the news technology as we also use traditional cleaning methods for both residential and commercial windows. Read More
Keller window repair
Window Repair

We are also capable of doing both residential and commercial window repairs, but we can do so much more than that. Keller can remove condensation from windows, fix any foggy window, and remove window moisture. As for commercial window repair, the removal of condensation is often the most requested type of repair.
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window glass replacement
Window Glass Replacement

When it comes to window glass replacement, our philosophy has always been that it should not be too expensive. It also shouldn’t be too hard to complete or accomplish. If it can still be repaired then you should opt for that.
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Keller Cleaning Windows Glass Cleaning
Foggy Window Repair

Foggy windows can be quite a nuisance, both for homes and commercial establishments. Keller Company can help you with that because our glass technicians can fix it in no time. But DIY enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that we also offer foggy window repair kits that anyone can use.
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Home Glass Repair Services
Full Window Replacement

Again, our philosophy is that window replacement need not be too expensive or complicated. Yes, even for a full window replacement. We realize that it’s different from a simple glass replacement, but it still shouldn’t cost so much that not many people can afford it.
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Commercial Window Cleaning Keller
Commercial Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services are not limited to homes. We also have a commercial window cleaning service. By using only the latest window cleaning tools available, we have the capability to clean the windows on buildings quickly, efficiently, and safely.
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