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Repairing and Replacing a Cracked Window Glass Pane

If you experience the shattering sounds of a broken glass pane at your home or office, then it’s not only a security hazard but also can invite personal injuries. Aside from the safety threats and chances of getting a private injury, this may also affect the energy costs and disturb the comfort level within the home. So, prompt actions should be taken to revive the damaged window to stop all such probabilities.

It is not a difficult thing to repair a cracked or shattered glass window if you’ve got the essential knowledge, tools, and equipment. If the glass pane is extremely small, then this will be repaired by following some easy steps that we’ll shortly discuss here. But, if you’ve got the massive glass panes or dual glazing windows, then this is often a task that ought to be best left to the professionals. So, you ought to only proceed further, if you do not have the massive glass panes, but smaller ones.

Repairing the cracked glass

You need to attain a touching arc just far away from the crack. This is often to stop the scattering of the crack. But, you ought to never do that without wearing protective gloves. The crack will normally not go beyond the arc. Broken pieces of the glass, old glazing surrounding the pane of the window, and therefore the metal fasteners should be removed with a utility knife, scraper, or chisel.

Now, you ought to remove all the broken glass pieces, carefully. Once the opening is obvious, you ought to take exact measurements of the opening. After taking the proper dimensions, you ought to get the glass professionally cut from a hardwood store. After cleaning the wood surrounding the window, you ought to prime it and let it dry.

Once it gets dry, you ought to place the new glass pane into the opening that you’ve got bought the new glass pane. There’ll be the glazier’s points pressed into the frame from each side which will help the glass get in situ. The opening available in between the glass and therefore the frame should be filled using the glazing putty. When the putty gets completely dry, then the priming and painting work should be wiped out to end off the work.


For the simplest results, you ought to acquire an equivalent product that was originally used. This is often also necessary for a cohesive look. For the older structures, it’d not be easy to seek out the right match. In such cases, attempt to find the simplest available option. You ought to also use the right tools and safety equipment before starting this project. You’ll never see an expert in window repair in Keller, TX, doing this job without wearing security gloves, goggles, knee pads, dust masks, and more. Get all the right equipment before starting this job. If you do not have belief in your basic handyman skills, then you ought to not be trying this type of job on your own. search for the foremost reliable specialist around and hire him for the simplest results.